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NEW TOUR: Caucasus to Mongolia - Central Asian Adventure 2021


Can you imagine yourself on vast and open steppes where only eagles cry can be heard and no man made structure seen? Do you feel the need to get off the beaten track and ride in any direction your heart desires? Do you wish to smell the spices of the Old Silk Road bazaars and get lost in small alleys of Central Asian towns? Do you dream of riding between snowy mountain giants and experiencing unparalleled human kindness in the most remote areas of the world? Do you agree that adventure doesn’t wait in five start hotels but starts as soon as you leave your comfort zone? 

If you shouted resound “YES!” on every question, then you are ready for a motorcycle journey of the lifetime!


Escape the shackles of mundane tourism and copy-paste rides and join Clutch team on a true adventure. The unexpected can and will happen, lasting memories will be made and it will be THE story to tell the grandkids.


The experienced Clutch team will take you on a UNIQUE** motorcycle tour across the heart of Central Asia. We’ll follow the ancient Silk Road, traverse the challenging second highest road in the world and through vast and green Siberia enter the country that’s a synonym for freedom – Mongolia.


The journey will take us through 9 countries and to experience it fully it will last for 66 days. The journey will  start  in Georgia in Caucasus on the western edge of Asia, head over Caspian Sea to former USSR Central Asian countries popularly known as “Stans” and end in the heart of Mongolia, i.e. its capital of Ulaanbaatar. 


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**no motorcycling tour company offers a tour like this one


Tour date: June 16 - Aug 20, 2021

Duration: 66 days

Start / finish: Tbilisi, Georgia / Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Fly in/out: Tbilisi International Airport (TBS) / Chinggis Khaan International Airport (ULN)

Countries: Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia

Route length: approx. 11 000 km (6 800 miles)

Road type: approx. 8 000 km (5 000 mi) paved / 1 500 km (900 mi) rough mix of paved and unpaved / 1 500 km off-road

Road condition: some roads in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are rough and potholed. Pamir Highway is very rough and potholed paved road, with some gravel stretches. More than half of route in Mongolia is off-road, ranging from hard-packed dirt, to small stretches of sand, with multiple river crossings. 

Rest days: 18

Accommodation: best in the area (usually 4* and 5*). Approximately 14 nights are spent in simple accommodation in very remote areas, mostly in Pamir region and Mongolia.

Highlights: Georgian wine tasting, Ashgabat, Dervaza gas crater, Bukhara, Samarkand, Iskender-kul lake, Pamir Highway M41, Song-kul lake, horseback riding in Tian-shan mountains, Charyn canyon, Altai region, Mongolian outback

Important information

Arrival to Tbilisi needs to be the latest at 14:00 on the day of initial briefing.

Appropriate insurance for this type of tour and countries crossed 

For solo rider entry level and for two-up high level of off-road riding experience is essential

Medium level of body fitness and endurance is required

Flexible attitude and team spirit is needed, as services and comfort in remote areas are scarce


First three weeks of the tour we’ll mostly cross desert and Mediterranean climate, being very hot and dry. Pamir area is at very high average altitude of 4 000 m (13 000 ft) so cold weather is expected. Mongolian climate is very harsh and changeable, with temperatures ranging from almost freezing to scorching hot. In short, be prepared for all the weather patterns and conditions you can think of, except of sub-zero polar conditions.

NEW TOUR: Caucasus to Mongolia - Central Asian Adventure 2021


Highly Professional Service based on

We speak the language, we know the locals and we know the way!


► Late model BMW motorcycle with unlimited mileage and all gasoline included
► BMW Navigator V navigation with daily routes preprogrammed
► Clutch “Maximum 8 bikes on tour” policy
► Experienced tour guide on a motorcycle
► 2 guides on a motorcycle when 7 or 8 bikes in the group
► Support van for luggage and extra bike
► All tolls, ferry rides and parking fees included


► 5* hotels where available!
► Airport transfers on arrival and departure

► All city guided tours included
► All entrance fees included
► Extensive Clutch booklet with all maps with marked tour routes
► All beverages and snacks on stops included (coffee, tea ...)
► All drinking water included


► All À la carte gourmet meals in best local restaurants
► All breakfasts
► All dinners except on a rest days
► All lunches with soft drinks except on a rest days

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Day 1: WEEK 1 - Tbilisi – airport arrival (Georgia)Day 2: Tbilisi – Stepansminda – shakedown, equipment and bike testDay 3: Tbilisi – rest day – final preparations for the tripDay 4: Stepansminda – TelaviDay 5: Telavi – Sheki (Azerbaijan)Day 6: Sheki – BakuDay 7: Baku – rest dayDay 8: WEEK 2 - Baku – ferry rideDay 9: Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan)Day 10: Turkmenbashi – SerdarDay 11: Serdar – AshgabatDay 12: Ashgabat – rest dayDay 13: Ashgabat – DervazaDay 14: Dervaza – DashoguzDay 15: WEEK 3 - Dashoguz – Khiva (Uzbekistan)Day 16: Khiva – BukharaDay 17: Bukhara – rest dayDay 18: Bukhara – SamarkandDay 19: Samarkand – rest dayDay 20: Samarkand – Iskender kulDay 21: Iskender kul - DushanbeDay 22: WEEK 4 - Dushanbe – rest dayDay 23: Dushanbe – KhalaikumDay 24: Khalaikum – KhorogDay 25: Khorog – Iskashim (Afghanistan border area & Wakhan valley)Day 26: Khorog - JelondyDay 27: Jelondy – rest dayDay 28: Jelondy – MurghabDay 29: WEEK 6 - Murghab – KarakulDay 30: Karakul – rest dayDay 31: Karakul – Osh (Kyrgyzstan)Day 32: Osh – ArslanbobDay 33: Arslanbob - ToktogulDay 34: Toktogul – BishkekDay 35: Bishkek – KochkorDay 36: WEEK 6 - Kochkor – Song-kulDay 37: Song-kul – rest dayDay 38: Song-kul – KarakolDay 39: Karakol – BarskoonDay 40: Barskoon – JergalanDay 41: Jergalan – rest dayDay 42: Jergalan – Kegen, Charyn canyon (Kazahstan)Day 43: WEEK 7 - Kegen - AlmatyDay 44: Almaty – rest dayDay 45: Almaty – KabanbayDay 46: Kabanbay – Qaibatau Day 47: Qaibatau – SemeyDay 48: Semey – BarnaulDay 49: Barnaul – rest dayDay 50: WEEK 8 - Barnaul – Gorno AltayskDay 51: Gorno Altaysk - InyaDay 52: Inya – TashantaDay 53: Tashanta – Ulgii (Mongolia)Day 54: Ulgii – KhovdDay 55: Khovd – rest dayDay 56: Khovd – BulganDay 57: WEEK 9 - Bulgan – AltaiDay 58: Altai – rest dayDay 59: Altai – outbackDay 60: outback – BayankhongorDay 61: Bayankhongor – ArvaikheerDay 62: Arvaikheer – KharkhorinDay 63: Kharkhorin – Elsen TsarkhaiDay 64: WEEK 10 - Elsen Tsarkhai – UlaanbaatarDay 65: Ulaanbaatar – rest dayDay 66: Ulaanbaatar – airport departure
Day 1: WEEK 1 - Tbilisi – airport arrival (Georgia)

Welcome to former USSR country of Georgia! We’ll spend most of the journey in countries that were once part of the mighty United Socialist States of Russia and it’s appropriate that we start with Georgia. Homeland of wine and Christianity, Georgia is the perfect and easy gateway to the mentality and hospitality that awaits us in the next few weeks. Once we get to know each other, the bikes and the route ahead, we’ll go on a ferry ride over Caspian Sea and start the adventure.

Day 2: Tbilisi – Stepansminda – shakedown, equipment and bike test
Day 3: Tbilisi – rest day – final preparations for the trip
Day 4: Stepansminda – Telavi
Day 5: Telavi – Sheki (Azerbaijan)
Day 6: Sheki – Baku
Day 7: Baku – rest day
Day 8: WEEK 2 - Baku – ferry ride

After disembarking the ferry, we embark the weird train – Turkmenistan. One of the most closed countries in the world, just shy of North Korea, will leave you perplexed after you’ve seen its white marble-clad capital of Ashgabat. Contrast to fake glitter of Ashgabat, is the gas crater of Dervaza, called appropriately “The gates of hell” where we’ll spend the night in the middle of Karakum Desert.

Day 9: Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan)
Day 10: Turkmenbashi – Serdar
Day 11: Serdar – Ashgabat
Day 12: Ashgabat – rest day
Day 13: Ashgabat – Dervaza
Day 14: Dervaza – Dashoguz
Day 15: WEEK 3 - Dashoguz – Khiva (Uzbekistan)

The most spectacular remaining architecture from the ancient Silk Road can be seen in Uzbekistan. Three of its most famous pearls, cities of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand, are on our route. After cultural overload of tens of mosques, bazaars and towers, we’ll head out to double-landlocked and most mountainous country of Central Asia – Tajikistan.

Day 16: Khiva – Bukhara
Day 17: Bukhara – rest day
Day 18: Bukhara – Samarkand
Day 19: Samarkand – rest day
Day 20: Samarkand – Iskender kul
Day 21: Iskender kul - Dushanbe
Day 22: WEEK 4 - Dushanbe – rest day

Spending few days in lower areas of Tajikistan is needed for us to prepare logistically and mentally for the first big riding challenge of our journey. The road we’ll take to the Pamir mountains is the famous M41, old Soviet military road, once vital in Soviet-Afghanistan war and in The Great Game of 19thcentury. Parts of the road is following closely Panj river which marks a natural border with Afghanistan, where we’ll able to see how’s life just over the border.

Day 23: Dushanbe – Khalaikum
Day 24: Khalaikum – Khorog
Day 25: Khorog – Iskashim (Afghanistan border area & Wakhan valley)
Day 26: Khorog - Jelondy
Day 27: Jelondy – rest day
Day 28: Jelondy – Murghab
Day 29: WEEK 6 - Murghab – Karakul

Now we’re already high on the Pamir plateau, riding for few day on altitudes of over 3 500 meters (11 000 ft) and tackling the highest pass of M41. The Ak-baital pass is situated at 4 655 meters (15 272 ft) and will challenge your physical and bikes mechanical limits. Amazing sights of snowcapped mountains, empty straight roads and Mars like landscape will awaken make you feel like out of this world. One of the most tranquil places we’ve ever visited, Karakul lake, will be the place of our last rest day in Tajikistan and will surely make your find your inner peace. Few hours of riding from Mars landscape, Switzerland of Central Asia – Kyrgyzstan will welcome us with its green pastures and countless frolicking horses.

Day 30: Karakul – rest day
Day 31: Karakul – Osh (Kyrgyzstan)
Day 32: Osh – Arslanbob
Day 33: Arslanbob - Toktogul
Day 34: Toktogul – Bishkek
Day 35: Bishkek – Kochkor
Day 36: WEEK 6 - Kochkor – Song-kul

Easy days are ahead us this week. If Switzerland and Mongolia had a baby, Kyrgyzstan would be it. Solid roads, plethora of food and a hint of “civilization” we know from back home. After the Pamir, every meal will be a banquet and every stretch of paved road an Autobahn. A few day trips can be arranged for horseback riding or hiking. Rest day on remote and peaceful Song-kul lake will give you a proper glimpse of how Mongolia looks like.

Day 37: Song-kul – rest day
Day 38: Song-kul – Karakol
Day 39: Karakol – Barskoon
Day 40: Barskoon – Jergalan
Day 41: Jergalan – rest day
Day 42: Jergalan – Kegen, Charyn canyon (Kazahstan)
Day 43: WEEK 7 - Kegen - Almaty

Kazakhstan, although being 9thbiggest country in the world, will be our transit country. Besides its vibrant metropolis of Almaty, only vast steppes and one long stretch of road is what we’ll have ahead of us for most of the week. This week ends in Barnaul in Russia. It will be the last chance to have a glimpse of modern world and restock, before heading out deep into Mongolian outback.

Day 44: Almaty – rest day
Day 45: Almaty – Kabanbay
Day 46: Kabanbay – Qaibatau
Day 47: Qaibatau – Semey
Day 48: Semey – Barnaul
Day 49: Barnaul – rest day
Day 50: WEEK 8 - Barnaul – Gorno Altaysk

Twisty paved road following a river, with green hills rolling from both sides means we’re in Altai region in Russia. Truly an adventure riders dream, will take us to border crossing with Mongolia. Over the border, similar sights are ahead of us, minus the paved road. As we go more east and leave Mongolian Altai mountains behind, endless green pastures, white traditional tents (gers) and Mongolian nomads will become our daily backdrop.

Day 51: Gorno Altaysk - Inya
Day 52: Inya – Tashanta
Day 53: Tashanta – Ulgii (Mongolia)
Day 54: Ulgii – Khovd
Day 55: Khovd – rest day
Day 56: Khovd – Bulgan
Day 57: WEEK 9 - Bulgan – Altai

Mongolia, as we all know it from out-of-this-world photos and stories, is everywhere around us. This is it, we’re living the dream! In this moment. Riding on tough trails, tackling river crossings and zero comfort, will make you fully respect the hard life of Mongolian nomads. Being immersed in fantastic backdrops for weeks, sleeping under unpolluted night sky filled with millions of stars makes a person more humble and aware of what matters. At first tough and rough, Mongolia gives us all important lessons, not just riding ones.

Day 58: Altai – rest day
Day 59: Altai – outback
Day 60: outback – Bayankhongor
Day 61: Bayankhongor – Arvaikheer
Day 62: Arvaikheer – Kharkhorin
Day 63: Kharkhorin – Elsen Tsarkhai
Day 64: WEEK 10 - Elsen Tsarkhai – Ulaanbaatar
  • The sand dunes of Elsen Tsarkhai are a small but still impressive glimpse of the Gobi desert. Night spent there will be our last before we get to paved road and head to Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar (UB). The city and what it offers in Western food and venues, will spoil us after being out of the comfort zone for a while. On the last day, we’ll have a chance to give our regards to Genghis Khan, by visiting his statue, that’s the tallest equestrian statue in the world. On the last dinner, over a beer and barbecue, we’ll reflect the last few weeks and months. We were all strangers on the first day, but a journey like this makes strangers your riding buddies, mates, friends and comrades. Because we all, shared countless special moments, laughs, beers, fermented mare’s milk, rough roads and tough times and one big dream.
Day 65: Ulaanbaatar – rest day
Day 66: Ulaanbaatar – airport departure

The 66 days all-inclusive tour includes:


·    Accommodation throughout the tour

·    Airport transfers on arrival and departure (first and last day of the tour)

·    Clutch “Maximum 8 bikes on tour” policy

·    Late model BMW motorcycle with unlimited mileage, 2 BMW cases and tank bag

·    BMW Navigator V navigation

·    Third party liability insurance and Comprehensive vehicle insurance

·    Delivery of motorcycles to Georgia 

·    Experienced tour guide on a motorcycle, with knowledge of local language

·    Support vehicle for small luggage

·    Spare motorcycle

·    Ferry rides according to our tour program

·    Gasoline

·     Breakfasts

·     Lunches in best restaurants with soft drinks except on rest days

·     Dinners in best restaurants except on rest days

·     Picnic lunches and dinners (from our mobile kitchen) where restaurants are not available

·     Coffee, tea and soft drinks during the entire tour

·     Drinking water

·     Entrance fees

·     Road tolls

·     Parking fees

·     Extensive Clutch booklet with the tour itinerary

·     Detailed local maps with marked daily tour routes 


 Not Included:


·    International flight to Tbilisi / from Ulaanbaatar

·    All necessary visas! After booking the tour we will assist you to procure all the necessary documents

·    Personal insurance

·    Travel insurance

·    Lunches and dinners on rest days

·    Riding gear

·    Personal spending and tips

Price for the RIDER
BMW F 750 GS 39.950 EUR
BMW F 850 GS 41.950 EUR
BMW R 1250 GS 43.770 EUR


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2021 and 2022 SEASON prices are in EUR/person
Passenger: 24.450 EUR
Single room supplement: 5.550 EUR